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  • Q: What does it mean that the Chatham Day School is Small by Design?

    A: With a few exceptions, CDS promises no class will ever be more than 14, although most classes have fewer than that.
  • Q: So, what does that mean for my child?

    A: A low student-teacher ratio means that students are exceptionally well known here; they are understood, and they know it.
  • Q: What’s the advantage of being well known?

    A: When students are understood, their confidence flourishes.  As a result, they are able to devote their focus and energy on acquiring new skills, building positive social relationships, and growing into a person who is independent and respectful of others.
  • Q: Does Small by Design have any effect on academics?

    A: Because of our small class size, faculty members are able to teach in ways that would be impossible with 15 – 30 students in a class.  The low teacher-student ratio guarantees that each student receives the time, attention, and focus required to ensure success and sustain motivation, creating a life-long learner.

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  • Q: Does Small by Design have any effect on the actual methods of teaching?

    A: No two students need the same type of guidance and instruction. Being Small by Design allows teachers to personalize learning for each student.  Ready for a more advanced level? Need the information explained in a different way? Want to pursue a particular area of your own interest?  Ready for a tougher challenge?  At CDS, it’s all possible.
  • Q: How about the over-all climate of the school?

    A: The close-knit CDS community is inclusive, warm, and welcoming. Thus, authentic and lasting bonds develop between and among students, parents and faculty members. At CDS, you are part of our family. Our community is built on the values of respect, kindness, and compassion and provides a trusting and reassuring home for students and adults of all backgrounds.  Small class size also gives many students a chance to be a leader, to stand out.  Basically, all opportunities are open to everyone.
  • Q: What else should I know?

    A: Come visit CDS and see our school in person. That is the best way to understand who we are and how we teach and learn. Even the best of brochures or websites is no substitute for life here.