Upper School


Research consistently tells us that one of the most significant indicators of success in school involves the school “connectedness” factor - the extent to which children feel a sense of belonging to and within the school community. Caring adults who go out of their way to know adolescents not just as scholars, but as people with individual values and needs play an enormous role in establishing this connectedness.

Our CDS Advisory program allows each child and family in grades four through eight to have one designated adult “guide” to help navigate the school year. In addition to serving as the primary point of communication for parents and children, the advisor also:

  • Oversees academic progress of individual students;
  • Connects the values of our Take Five + 1 Character Education program to the daily life of the students both in and out of school;
  • Facilitates development of time management, study, and organizational skills;
  • Coordinates with our school social worker to include anti-bullying lessons and programming;
  • Helps to plan special events, field trips, and programs for the grade-level;
  • Communicates proactively with parents regarding individual progress as well as relevant grade-level issues/needs;
  • Runs 15-minute advisory periods at the start of each day along with 3-5 additional meeting periods per week.
Advisory meetings are a casual yet carefully designed opportunity for students to share their triumphs and challenges with one another while building their interpersonal skills.