CDS Student Clubs in the Middle & Upper School divisions serve two purposes: one, to bring peers from multiple grade levels together to share their common interests; and two, to provide leadership opportunities to all of our most “senior” students on campus. Clubs run on a semester basis so that students have the chance to participate in and/or lead a variety of peer groups. We host two Club Fairs each year at which club presidents/officers design display boards and encourage classmates to join. Over the past two school years, Middle & Upper School Clubs have included:

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  • 3D Printing and Design Club

    A wildly popular club allows students to think in 3D.  Students explore three levels of design exposure: 
    • Finding and modifying a pre-constructed 3D design to their own specification using
    • Creating their own designs using and
    • Using a 3D scanner to capture real world 3D objects in a virtual format
    Once the design have been created,  students see them come to life on our 3D printer.

    One stellar club member created an entire chess set using military history learned studying the Civil War. He had his own version of "The Blue and the Gray."
  • Baking Club

    This group meets in our Canada House kitchen and tries new recipes for simple-to-make items like pizza bagels and garlic bread.
  • Hearts for Paws

    A service-oriented club designed to support local animal shelters and build awareness of animal rights.
  • A Capella Club

    A coed group singing without accompaniment, choosing their own songs and beat-boxing techniques!
  • Cupcake Decorating Club

    Club presidents help novice bakers learn how to decorate a cupcake, often with special holiday themes.
  • Jam Band

    Our budding musicians get together with a variety of instruments and play old and new hit songs, learning key elements of ensemble work.
  • Jewelry for a Cause

    Students with an interest in designing jewelry spend time making original bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and then sell their ware to raise money for world causes.
  • Clash of Clans

    Gamers delight! Students with a passion for video games discussed strategies and tactics and then competed against one another in this multiple role-player game.
  • Preschool Helpers

    The oldest CDS students assist the youngest young’uns on the playground during recess.