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Nurse's Corner

Emergency Contact Information Form  
When to use:  Annually for each individual student.

Universal Child Health Record

When to use: Upon students’ newly enrolling at CDS.

Returning Student Health Form
When to use: Annually for each returning student.

Medication Administration Form
When to use:  Whenever a student might require the administration of prescribed or over-the-counter medicine during the school day in the event he/she has a headache, sore throat, etc. Any medicine listed on form must also then be provided to the nurse by the parent/guardian. This form also covers the use of cough drops.  Please read instructions of the actual form. With the exception of cough drops, a doctor or licensed prescriber needs to list/order the medication and sign the form.

Asthma Treatment Plan Form  
When to use: If student needs asthma medication to be available for use during the school day.  Form must be completed both by the parent/guardian AND a physician/licensed prescriber.

F.A.R.E. Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan  
When to use:  If student has food or other (e.g. bee sting) allergies and may require emergency administration of epinephrine and/or antihistamine.  Form must be completed both by the parent/guardian AND a physician/licensed prescriber.

Annual Athletic Pre-Participation Form 
When to use:  When a student will be participating in the Grades 4-8 CDS interscholastic sports teams (Fall =Track, Winter =Basketball, Spring=Cross Country).  First two pages of the form is completed by the parent/guardian.  Second two pages is completed by the physician.  The form is "good" for 365 days and must be received prior to the first team practice for any particular sport season.  Contact the school nurse to check the expiration status of any form previously submitted.

Health History Update Questionnaire.  Commonly referred to as the “90-Day Update” Form.
When to use:  When student has previously submitted the full Annual Athletic Pre-Participation form (above) but whose documented date of physical exam was completed more than 90 days prior to the first scheduled practice.  This is a one-page, simple form competed only by the parent/guardian.  If unsure of which form may be required please contact the school nurse.

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