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Physical activity is an essential part of every life.  Chatham Day School’s Physical Education program, for students in preschool through eighth grade, is designed to foster teamwork, self direction, and vigorous activity. At CDS, we encourage students to be active, and we teach them the skills needed to be healthy individuals. Through the carefully sequenced curriculum, students develop physical fitness, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility and strength. Physical education classes and recess are scheduled daily, as we recognize the importance of activity in cognitive development. When students reach middle school, they are encouraged to play sports on the club and interscholastic level.

Interscholastic Sports Teams

  • Cross Country
    Fall Season 2017
    Male and female students in grades four through eight are eligible to join the CDS cross country team. Competitions take place with other schools throughout the fall with runs up to 2 miles in length.
  • Basketball
    Winter Season 2017 - 2018
    The CDS boys and girls basketball teams enter their fifth season this fall. Both boys and girls teams are divided as grades 6-8 and grades 4-5. CDS plays a number of independent, parochial, and public schools in the region.
  • Track & Field
    Spring Season 2018
    Track and field is the focus of  the athletic program in the spring, and it is available to students in grades four through eight. Students  will learn the necessary skills to participate in shot put, long jump, relay races, sprint and long distance running, and other field events.


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