Signature Programs


In their final trimester of eighth grade, our 8th Grade “seniors” pursue individual Capstone Projects.  This year-end rite-of-passage is a multidisciplinary venture that allows each individual child to pursue an area of particular interest or passion.  In a twice-weekly course that is led by our Communication and Drama teacher, eighth graders design and direct their own projects, making use of the myriad of skills they have honed over their years at CDS in academic and co-curricular pursuits.  Preparation for these projects includes design thinking, research, time management, rehearsal, communication, presentation skills, digital literacy, and organization.  CDS students eagerly anticipate the time when they can create their own Capstones, and we invite members throughout the community to join us on Capstone Day to enjoy the student presentations and reflections.  

Examples of Capstone Projects over the past two years include but are not limited to:
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Original Screenplay & Filming of Trailer
  • Blended Learning: Integrating Technology into the CDS Learning Garden
  • Modernization & Remix of Our School Song, "Free to be Me"
  • Interior Design
  • 8-Bit CDS: A Minecraft Model of our Campus
  • Original Dance Choreography