Signature Programs

Character Education

Character development has always been a signature program at Chatham Day School. We are a community that understands the importance of character education and its impact on academic achievement and positive social development. The Take Five + 1 principles, as written by the CDS faculty, have guided our character program for many years. The impact of this guiding document is evident in the quality of character that can be seen in our alumni, students, and staff.

Take Five + 1 Principles

  1. Put First Things First
  2. Be Considerate
  3. Be Proactive
  4. Work as a Team
  5. Aim High
+1   Quiet Reflection
To emphasize the value of the Take Five + 1 program and to celebrate these principles all year, CDS has adopted monthly life skills that will be emphasized each month in conversations between the faculty and students. This will ensure that the Take Five + 1 principles are ubiquitous at every grade level to empower students to use these life skills at school, home, and in the community.

Life Skills Curriculum 2018-19

September: Community February: Trustworthiness
October: Kindness March: Cooperation
November: Gratitude April: Respect
December: Generosity May: Perseverance
January: Integrity